About Us

Over 40 Years of Solar Control

Jeff Carstetter moved to Columbia, South Carolina in 1977 and started the company that would ultimately become Sun Shades and Graphics in 1980. Over the years Jeff has expanded the business from window tints to solar shades and awnings, but the central mission remains the same: help people make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable, so they can spend less time sweating and more time smiling.

Sun Awnings

We Believe Products Should Sell Themselves

Sun Shades and Graphics only carries high quality Sunesta awnings and LLumar window films. We could carry other companies’ products, but over the years we’ve found that these two companies make great products that our customers are happy with. Since we don’t believe in fixing what’s not broke, we’ve stuck with these American-made products and know you’ll be happy with their quality.

Our Showroom Comes to You

Lots of home improvement decisions are made without fully knowing what you’re getting yourself into, but when you work with us, this decision won’t be one of them.

Instead of having a showroom where you come to us and then have to take our word for how a particular fabric or window film will look, we come to you and show you our products in your house and on your windows.

Our showroom process is not a high-pressure sales pitch – just a visit from our expert installers who can give you their professional advice on how to best solve your problems, and otherwise let you make the choice that is right for you.

Sun Shades & Graphics onsite

Professional Installation

Your order will be placed within 24 hours of you giving us the go ahead. For window films and tints we average about 1 week for installation, while awnings and solar shades take 3 and 4 weeks respectively. We have close working relationships with our suppliers, helping us get your products installed as quickly as possible so you can begin taking advantage of their benefits.

When you work with Sun Shades and Graphics, you’re really working with us. Our installations are done by our installers. While some companies hire out each job to whichever sub-contracting crews offers to do it for the least, our installers have been working with us for years. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience and we’re proud of their craftsmanship and professionalism. After each installation we ensure that you know how to use, clean, and maintain your new fixtures. With just a little love all of our products will deliver long life and great results.

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