Transform Your Space with Commercial Window Tinting

Floor to ceiling windows are a staple of commercial building design – bathing your showroom or shop in natural light and making it feel welcoming and airy. However, this can be too much of a good thing, resulting in excessive heat, glare, and exposing back-of-house operations to the public. Commercial window tints enhance comfort and privacy, letting you take control of your space.

The Advantages of Window Films are Easy to See

  • More comfortable customers and happier employees – Commercial window films block heat and glare
  • Low-E window films save you money all year – Reduce your cooling needs in the summer and your heating in the winter!
  • High-transparency – Window films can be basically invisible, the only difference is your comfort!
  • Total Privacy – Transparency is great in business, but every window isn’t for public viewing! Mirrored and opaque window films provide complete privacy solutions.

Our On-Site Showroom Eliminates the Guesswork

Forget about taking dozens of fiddly measurements before heading out to a distant showroom. We come to you, take on-site measurements, and let you see exactly how the tint will look on your windows. There’s no need to simply imagine how it’ll look when you can know instead!

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Our Showroom Comes To You

We understand it’s hard to visualize how something might look without seeing it in your building and so we bring our showroom to you! No need to imagine, you’ll be able to see for yourself!

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Decades of Experience

We opened shop way back in 1980 and know a thing or two about commercial window tinting. Our installers have 75 years of combined experience and are pros at fitting and installing tints.

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Comfort & Savings

Your employees and customers alike will thank you when they no longer have to stand squinting into the glare of the sun. And, since window tints block infrared light, your HVAC will have an easier time keeping your space comfortable – saving you money on your utility bills.

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Privacy Where You Want It

Commercial spaces are built to be multifunctional – but this sometimes results in windows where they really aren’t desired. Our privacy window tints let you fully mirror or black out windows which are poorly situated for your business, without interfering with your design aesthetic or permanently modifying the space.

45 Years Of Honing Our Craft

Sun Shades has been in business for more than four decades now, helping business owners make their spaces more comfortable and usable. Over the years we’ve mastered our craft and you can expect our in-house installers to demonstrate time-won expertise when they measure, fit, and install your window tints.

Not Every Window Has to be Customer Facing

Each business has unique needs and it’s rare to find a commercial space which completely matches those needs. A common problem is that windows will open onto offices, backrooms, or storage areas – allowing customers to see behind the veil. Commercial window films allow you to preserve the visual integrity of these spaces, without making permanent modifications. In addition to mirrored and opaque tints, consider decorative window films which allow you to present custom branding to customers passing by!

Your Store Can Be Bright Without Being Hot!

Commercial windows don’t have to be a compromise – you can have large windows and a bright interior without having to deal with glare or uncomfortable heat. Tinted window films make for a cooler, more pleasant environment for your employees and customers while saving you money on your utility bills! Low-E window films reflect infrared light – keeping your space cool in the summer and trapping heat in the winter.

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Answers for your questions.

Commercial Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does window film really reduce heat?

Absolutely. Window films help to ensure that your work stays private and keeps your energy costs down. It literally pays for itself.

What tint blocks the most heat?

To block the most heat, you’ll want to use Infrared Rejection or Carbon Tint. That’s what we use, and it works like a charm!

Can a window film eliminate glare on my computer monitors?

Window films eliminate glare on all indoor surfaces, including computer monitors, phone and tablet screens, desks, and much more. If we install a commercial window film, you’re going to notice the difference immediately. And so will your customers.


What’s the difference between regular tint and ceramic tint?

While it may be the more affordable option, regular tinting isn’t always a best bet for your business in the long run. Ceramic tint lasts a lot longer and won’t wear down with occasional scratching like regular tints tend to do.


How long does Ceramic Tint last?

Our tints come with a 15 year warranty, so you can rest assured that they will last a long time for you and your business.


Why Work with Sun Shades and Graphics

Window tint install. Done Right.

Our Showroom Is Easy To Get To From Anywhere

When you work with Sun Shades, exploring the showroom options is something you can do without leaving your office! We come to you with samples of our complete catalog – letting you see exactly how each option will look on your windows. No need to guess how your view will look through tinted glass, see for yourself.

Local Expertise

We’re based out of Columbia, SC and have been in business for 45 years. Over the decades we’ve worked with happy customers all across the state, and have made hundreds of thousands of measurements. We take the guesswork out of measurements and all of our installations are performed by our own expert craftsman – not sub-contracted out!

We Only Use Top Quality Brands

Low quality products deliver low quality results, and that just isn’t something we’re OK with. We are a certified LLumar Selectpro dealer because they make a great product at a fair price and will provide results you’ll be happy with.

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