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Have a favorite spot in the house, but it’s buried in glare and sunlight all day long? Do your employees and customers complain about the heat even when they’re indoors? There’s a way to fix all these problems that will save you money and give you back your space: roller shades from Sun Shades & Graphics in Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and The Midlands. Our local, family-owned team uses only the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that our roller shades will give you the shade you need to get back to living the way you want.

Roller Shades Keep the Glare and Heat Out...For Good

Here in South Carolina, y’all know that the heat isn’t always avoidable outdoors...

But, when you get inside, you should be able to cool off, unwind, and just plain forget about all those scorching summer days.

Stop worrying about:

  • High energy bills every month
  • Window glare making life miserable
  • Wondering if you really have privacy at home

Motorized roller shades are a really fast, super easy, and totally affordable way to solve problems like this, that so many homeowners face.

With interior roller shades, you can finally stop worrying every time you open your monthly energy bill. Plus, you’ll actually get real privacy at home. There’s nothing better than true peace of mind. That’s exactly what you and your family deserve.

With blackout roller shades, you can get all of that. They work and look great in bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else in your home that needs a little extra help!

With Roller Shades, You Can Stop Paying for Unused Space

Think about it… You might be paying for space in your home or business here in South Carolina, that you can’t even use all the time. You can probably think of a few spots right now that you wish you could use more than you actually do.
Sometimes it’s just too darn hot, and other times the glare is literally unbearable. For some buildings, windows are a privacy issue, too.

Do you ever experience:

  • Areas near windows are always hot
  • Harsh UV rays even when indoors
  • Sun room feels like it’s actually on the surface of the sun
  • Glare makes relaxing or working basically impossible

Then you should consider getting some outdoor roller shades. You can actually start enjoying your sunroom again. Make the most of every inch of your home.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you can leave the sunglasses behind. Have indoor roller shades installed and literally roll out the shade for you and your family or business.

DIY “Solutions” Are Rarely Permanent or Efficient

If you’ve ever tried to “just fix it yourself”, then you know the pitfalls of DIY solutions that people find on the internet.

The sad truth is that most DIYs usually look cheap or don’t last all that long. You’ll end up having to redo the whole DIY “solution” every few months just to keep up!

Hire a local professional, so you can stop worrying about:

  • Lack of privacy for business meetings
  • Clients and customers complaining about the heat in your store
  • Employees sweating in all the sunlight and heat on the job

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix that literally lasts for years, saves enough money to pay for itself, and even provides the extra sort of privacy and protection you deserve, every single day, at home or work or anything in between.

Here at Sun Shades & Graphics, we bring the showroom to you. We work with every client in Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and The Midlands, to find the best permanent solution, one that’s customized to your specific needs and made to last a lifetime.

Get in touch with us today to get started.

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